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Cape Town, South Africa (July 2018)

England 2017

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Travel through the continental USA has always been a dream of mine.
Over the years, I've had the good fortune to have been able to travel rather extensively.  All on a tight budget, I have to add!  And also, on my own.  You too can enjoy the superb and exciting scenery in this diverse country and make the most of getting around.  As a woman travelling alone, things are a little different and I hope I can encourage you to make that trip of a lifetime.  I have tried to capture the atmosphere in various places as well as give you hints and tips without sounding like a travel manual.  I still have a whole lot of travelling to do and will let you know about any new discoveries.
If nothing else, enjoy the zillions of photographs I have taken!
Travelling alone should not be a turn-off.  You just have to keep your wits about you much like you do in your everyday life.  My trips have taken me across the States and back again, and although I haven't spent too much time in the places in between (time is sadly always a factor), I have tried to pass on what I observed and experienced.  Of course your personal trip should be customized, and hopefully you can find some inspiration right here.

I update my site upon completion of new trips, along with new photographs.

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