Travel Trips in the USA
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Train Trips
Road/Train Trip
from Colorado to California
(November 2015)

Bed & Breakfasts

Road Trips
Chama and Abiquiu, New Mexico (October 2016)
California to Colorado Road Trip (May 2016)
Main Street, Grand Junction, Colorado (April 2016)
Day Trip to Manitou Springs (April 2016)
Colorado to California Road/Train (November 2015)
Black Hills of South Dakota (Rapid City) (Sep 2014)
Northwestern New Mexico (April 2014)
Southeastern New Mexico (April 2014)
Fall in Colorado (October 2013)
Art in the Mountains (Aug 2013)
Five States Road Trip (Apr 2013)

Zoo Trips
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New Cape Town, South Africa (July 2018)

England 2017

England 2010

Travel through the continental USA has always been a dream of mine.
Over the years, I've had the good fortune to have been able to travel rather extensively.  All on a tight budget, I have to add!  And also, on my own.  You too can enjoy the superb and exciting scenery in this diverse country and make the most of getting around.  As a woman travelling alone, things are a little different and I hope I can encourage you to make that trip of a lifetime.  I usually travel alone and have managed to make the most of my solo travel.  I have tried to capture the atmosphere in various places as well as give you hints and tips without sounding like a travel manual.  I still have a whole lot of travelling to do and will let you know about any new discoveries.

Travelling alone should not be a turn-off.  You just have to keep your wits about you much like you do in your everyday life.  My trips have taken me across the States and back again, and although I haven't spent too much time in the places in between (time is sadly always a factor), I have tried to pass on what I observed and experienced.  Of course your personal trip should be customized, and hopefully you can find some inspiration right here.

I will be updating my site upon completion of new trips, along with new photographs.

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