Cape Town Photos (July 2018)

  1 Mural in Bo Kaap.

  3 A lot of work went into making such lovely looking homes.

  5 This is where I was taking photos.

  7 So much art!

  9 South Africa's colorful currency.

  11 The City of Cape Town at the foot of Table Mountain.

  13 The twelve apostles stretching south behind Table Mountain.

  15 A Signal Hill resident, Cape Guinea Fowl.

  17 The stadium in Green Point, where the soccer world cup was held.

  19 Lion's Head with the start of the twelve apostles.

  21 More of the gorgeous flora.

  23 I think this was taken in Bree Street.

  25 Bo Kaap and the harbor taken from Signal Hill.

  2 Love the colors of Bo Kaap.

  4 Great for photos!

  6 One of many mosques in and around Cape Town.

  8 Lion's Head mountain as a backdrop.

  10 Reverse shot.

  12 A lovely drive to the top of Signal Hill for spectacular views.

  14 You can just make out two of the stars of the castle, an old fort.

  16 Robben Island in Table Bay.

  18 The Foreshore (Table Mountain is to the right of this photo).

  20 Another mosque, on Signal Hill.

  22 Long Street.

  24 Didn't have time to ride the cable car up Table Mountain.

  26 This old highway was never completed and I doubt it ever will be.
(It is closed!)


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