Cape Town Photos (July 2018)

  1 Wheat in the fields where my sister walks her dog.

  3 Lilies!

  5 Globe thistle in my sister's garden.

  7 Gorgeous walk on the beach near Rye.

  9 Rye

  11 Surrounding area near Rye.

  13 Passing through the quaint village of Tenterden.

  15 Stained glass window in the church in Smarden.

  17 Adorable house in Smarden.

  19 View from my sister's patio.

  21 Salsa accompaniment to the bobotie.

  2 Wild berries.

  4 Passion fruit flower I spotted on a dog walk.

  6 Our drive down to Rye.

  8 Noah enjoying his walk.

  10 Windmill in Rye.

  12 My fresh haddock and chips for lunch in Rye.

  14 Being driven around in luxury.

  16 Another stained glass window in the church in Smarden.

  18 Oast house in Smarden.  Popular around Kent.

  20 Delicious bobotie my sister made.

  22 I think this was Marseilles as I flew back to London.


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