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Is It Just Me? Or Is It Nuts Out There? by Whoopi Goldberg Books in Review
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Is It Just Me? Or Is It Nuts Out There?
by Whoopi Goldberg
ISBN 978-1-4013-2384-4
Published October 2010 - Hardcover - 200 pages - $22.99

I've always loved Whoopi Goldberg's sense of humor, and her personality.  I love her even more that she took in Vinny the abandoned kitty.  Most of all I love her no nonsense approach to life, and I too, hate bad manners and rudeness and disrespect towards others.  It was wonderful to see someone actually writing about it (I have the bare bones of a similar book, which I'll now abandon) which will hopefully get people talking.  And hopefully making changes to their uncivil behavior.  I'm totally with Whoopi on drunk (and texting) drivers.  TAKE THE CAR AWAY.  We've enough to contend with on the roads to also be concerned with irresponsibility and a danger to others!  Ms. Goldberg tackles all sorts of subjects and situations in her book, anything from clipping your toenails in public (I've actually seen it on Amtrak—and I saw a guy shaving while sitting in his seat!), being aware of how you express yourself (totally agree at the unwrapping of a gift story), road rage, and a lot about flying.  Why are people so thoughtless, rude, and just plain gross on a plane?  Not to mention inconsiderate.  She also vents about cell phone users (I'm SO with you, Whoopi) and how rude they are talking so loud in public and invading everyone else's space with their chatter.  And enough already with the texting in public, especially when you're supposed to be engaged in a conversation with someone.  It's R.U.D.E.  Here's an idea:  Not only at stadium games should the first drunk be thrown out, they should all be thrown out of everywhere.  Drunks are obnoxious and should not be tolerated, especially belligerent ones.  I liked her "A Civil Person's Handy Lists".  You can also take her Self Tests to check how you stand.  We've got to check ourselves, our manners, and our treatment of others.  No Whoopi, it's definitely NOT just you.  I'm right there with you!  Whoopi is a woman after my own heart.  The Golden Rule is all we need!
Conclusion - Good advice in order to live peacefully and respectfully.  All stuff that should be taught to us as kids!

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