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True Whit by Whitney Port Books in Review
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True Whit - Designing a Life of Style, Beauty, and Fun
by Whitney Port with Sheryl Berk
IT Books
ISBN 978-0-06-199686-3
Published February 2011 - Hardcover - 226 pages - $19.99

TV celebrity, clothing designer, fashion contributor for Teen Vogue, and fashion publicist for Diane von Furstenberg is a lot for a young woman to handle.  Whitney Port started her new life in New York and all was captured on film for MTV's The City.  Not an easy thing to do when you're still trying to find your feet, never mind finding yourself in a big city.  This book, says Whitney, is "...a guidebook, so to speak, to starting out in your twenties".  Useful because no one really tells you that much about being on your own, so most of us learn by trial and error.  Freedom is a wonderful thing but it takes some getting used to, and some figuring out how it all works.  Whitney shares how she started decorating her new little apartment, not with new stuff, but with "stuff" she came across at thrift stores, antique stores, or wherever.  Her book is not so much about "style", although she does have a chapter on it, it's about expressing your individual tastes and likes.  She's used many photos so there are a lot of visual examples to enjoy.  I loved her storage ideas in the closet section.  She makes the most of what she's got to work with.  As you'd expect, she covers the bedroom, the living room, fridge/pantry, and so on.  Her safety advice is sound.  Whitney also covers the workplace, what to wear, eating habits, how to go from day attire to on-the-town-chic, how to handle bullies in the workplace (well said, Whitney!), cleaning out your closet, how to throw a party, and even offers a few recipes.  Not forgetting relationships and breakups, hair, make-up, and exercise, and what it takes to be a fashion designer.  Her book is also part biography as she talks about her family and the importance thereof.  It helps if you're an individual rather than a follower when it comes to fashion and style.  Whitney's book covers almost everything anyone needing a helping hand when starting out life in your twenties is concerned.  Perhaps her things are a little pricey for the average young woman, but you can work around the costs.
Conclusion - Good advice for those just starting out.  Savvy observations.

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