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Destination Wedding Planner - The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Wedding from Afar by Alison Hotchkiss Books in Review
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Destination Wedding Planner - The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Wedding from Afar
by Alison Hotchkiss
Chronicle Books
ISBN 978-0-8118-6673-6
Published March 2009 - Softcover/Spiral - 176 pages - $19.95

Having never married, I don't have a clue, or didn't have a clue until now, what it entails in putting together a wedding.  It's enough to wear you out!  And if you're planning to have your nuptials out of town, even more so.  Thankfully though, there is a lot of help to be had, whether or not you can afford a real live wedding planner to take care of every last little detail, or if you'd prefer to do it yourself.  Alison Hotchkiss has taken away most of the guesswork by condensing everything you'll need to know into one easy-to-use planner/guide.  She covers your budget, choosing where to have the wedding, what to wear, which photographer, food, gifts, and everything else you can imagine.  Phew!  This book is for the bride-to-be who wants something different, not a traditional wedding as it were.  Your guest list for a destination wedding will probably be smaller than if you were marrying at home as not everyone can afford a trip, and more than likely neither can you afford to fly everyone out.  If you can, wonderful.  I like that you're given a few questions to consider — they'll make you think before you leap and perhaps help you realize you can't have the wedding you always dreamed of and that there are plenty of other options.  [Never be dead set on a dream wedding — most dreams don't come true.]  This book has tagged dividers for Getting Started; Location; Getting Organized; Planning the Reception; Wedding Week Activities, and Pulling It Off.  All sorts of ideas and things to think about are included, like how to occupy your guests once the wedding is over, what they'll do for transporation while there, and the like.  These weddings don't come cheap unless you plan carefully and are practical.  Visit Alison's website at www.alisonevents.com.
Conclusion - Good, practical and sound advice.

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