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Between You and Me - a Memoir
by Mike Wallace with Gary Paul Gates
ISBN 1-4013-0029-4
Published October 2005 - Hardcover - 292 pages - $26.95

This being Mike Wallace's second memoir (Close Encounters, 1984), it highlights the interviews he's conducted over the years.  From politicians to presidents, musicians and movie stars, he's met so many interesting people.  Always an open mind, Mr. Wallace is a natural when it comes to getting people to open up and spill the beans.  He's been doing it since 1956!  Interspersed with his recollections of past interviews are bits and pieces of his personal life - just enough to give you the gist of things.  People he highlights in this book include Eleanor Roosevelt, Rosalyn Carter, Anwar Sadat, Salvadore Dali, Vanessa Redgrave, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Frank Lloyd Wright, and many more.  There are snippets of his interviews with them plus anecdotal recollections of things that went on on the sidelines.  His long and very distinguished journalistic career has covered so much history that it's hard to comprehend he's seen so much, and been a part of so much.  I like his gutsy approach and do enjoy his work on "60 Minutes" - he's been with them since day one!
Included with this book is an 82-minute DVD of Mr. Wallace's most famous interviews.  It's hard to believe he was born in 1918!  A typo?
Conclusion - Extremely interesting and a great read.

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