Visual Chronicles by Linda Woods and Karen Dinino Books in Review
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Visual Chronicles
by Linda Woods and Karen Dinino
Northlight Books
ISBN 978-1-58180-770-7
Published 2006 - Softcover - 128 pages - $22.99

This gorgeous book covers all of your "get out of doing art" excuses!  There just isn't any excuse for not getting down and making art, any art!  There are loads of hints and tips to get one going, with or without many supplies.  Whether you want to keep a record of friends, family, travel, food or whatever takes your fancy, you can by following any of the chapters that appeal to you.  There are tons of ideas on how and what to journal, whether you use a traditional journal, a handmade one or you can alter a book, and there is also a section on ephemera.  I love making ephemera and it has taken over my journaling time, which is great because it means I am still making art.  The chapters are "fear busters" and I love that because it's one explanation after another of how you can make art.  My favorite ideas are the ones on pages 30 (great idea), 57, 55, 64/65, 84/85 and 112.  I also love the idea of using a spiralbound index card (book) for journaling.  You can go hog wild here!  (see pages 36-41)  An important chapter (for me) is chapter 6—Nothing Happens in My Life— which a lot of people think therefore they can't think of anything to make a journal about, which is nonsense!  If you can cut out a piece of paper, glue it to another, splatter paint on it, you're almost there!
I found this book for just $4.49 on Thrift Books.

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