Vintage Made Modern 35 Sewing and No-Sew Projects by Jennifer Casa Books in Review
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Vintage Made Modern - 35 Sewing and No-Sew Projects
by Jennifer Casa
Roost Books
ISBN 978-1-611801231
Published 2014 - Softcover - 136 pages - $19.95

This is not a typical craft book I thought I would be reviewing.  Not at all.  However, when I spotted it at the library, I thought why not!  I sew, barely, and thought I might be inspired to try and make something more than a cloth mask or a pillow case.  The good news was that these projects don't need any special sewing skills and some don't even need anny sewing.  Now, author Jennifer Casa uses old found fabrics like quilts, and repurposes them.  I don't know if I could do that to an old quilt, but the items she came up with extend the life of the original piece, which is something I do like.  I enjoyed her enthusiasm for fabrics she's collected and what she comes up with, like a Dresden Doll, a beautiful picture/painting frame, a doorstop, a bag, a steering wheel cover, a non-sew wreath, a baby's quilt and so much more.  If you like your home to be homey in a retro or repurposed way, this book might be ideal for you.  Nothing on offer appears to be impossible to make, so from that aspect, all seems doable, just don't know how much is practical or even that inspiring.  Also included is a Stitch Guide, a few templates, and a Resources Guide.
Of course if you cannot find or can't bring yourself to take apart an old quilt (ouch!), just use these patterns and use fabric scraps you have on hand.
Visit Jennifer Casa's website.

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