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You Know Your Life Is a Soap Opera If ...
by Gerry Waggett
ISBN 1-4013-0292-0
Published April 2007 - Hardcover - 192 pages - $16.95

We've all laughed at the absurdity of many soap operas, and author Gerry Waggett has too.  They are often life imitating art, and astonishingly, it's also art imitating life, which is pretty sad.  She humorously covers Houses on Soap Operas (the forbidden wing), The Help (butler or gardener), Marriage (Is there some limit on the number of times we can marry each other?), They Grow up So Fast (Be absolutely, 100 percent positive about your new son's paternity before you name him after your husband).), While on Trial for Murder (Have you defended a client for a murder you yourself committed?), and Medical Conditions You Can Fake (amnesia or miscarriage).  The often funny yet incredible storylines and soap opera pilots leave one totally confused.  But because they are "happening" (we can hear and see them being done), they are somehow more believable.  However, if you stop and think how ridiculous most of them are, you'd probably stop watching.  That's if reality sets in properly.
Conclusion - Very observant and funny.

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