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The Script - The 100% Absolutely Predictable Things Men Do When They Cheat
by Elizabeth Landers and Vicky Mainzer
ISBN 1-4013-0228-9
Published April 2006 - Paperback - 173 pages - $12.95

One of the worst feelings in the world is when you find out you're being cheated on.  It makes you sick to the pit of your stomach and beyond.  It's worse when you find out and you missed all the clues that were all around at the time.  This book is so confusing, right from the get-go.  It took me ages to see any correlation between one page and the next, resulting in my becoming so bored I first skimmed the lines and then the pages.  The first bit of useful information I came across was on page 41: "...if you feel something is up, talk about it sooner rather than later because it will be easier to solve when it's a small problem rather than a large one".  There are so many piddly little "scenes and scenarios", to the point of condescension, that I couldn't face one more page of this drivel.  My advice?  If you suspect your mate is wandering, confront them face to face.  Don't pick a fight, or be accusatory - you're presumably adults so act like adults.  Try counselling.  Always tell a good friend of your suspicions (and findings), one you can trust, so you have someone to lean on, or can turn to for help.  Don't go it alone, ever.
Conclusion - Look elsewhere for sound advice.

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