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The Pocket Stylist - Behind-the-Scenes Expertise from a Fashion Pro on Creating Your Own Unique Look
by Kendall Farr
Gotham Books
ISBN 1-592-40041-8
Published February 2004 - Hardcover - 198 pages - $20.00

Finally, someone with the guts to tell it like it is.  Ms. Farr, a fashion stylist, says what I've been preaching for years, only more eloquently.  She hits it on the head with "Hunting down the latest fashion runway looks - original or adapted - with no regard for how they'll look on your individual proportions is where style ends and fashion enslavement begins".  And, "A whopping disconnect exists between what women read in fashion magazines or see on celebrity style television and what they really need to know about dressing themselves well".  I also loved "One universal truth about women with great personal style is that their clothes fit - really fit".  This is key to looking good in your clothes.  The harsh reality is that we do not all resemble runway models and cannot wear what we want and look good.  When we get that into our heads we'll start seeing how great we can look in the clothes we should be wearing.  It'll give you such a confidence boost too.  In this superb little book there is help for everyone.  Kendall's expertise will help you establish your body type, what suits you, how you should choose your clothes, do your make-up, etc.  I agree on having your clothes tailored and you'll find out how in this book - it's a great "personalizer" to your wardrobe and something I'll definitely seek out.  The way one can measure one's body to find great fitting clothes is going to help everyone who's ever tried on "their size" only to find it doesn't fit.  We're also given chapters like "What's Right for Your Body Type"; "Show Me Your Closet"; "How to Shop Like a Stylist"; "Your Tailor Is Your New Best Friend"; "What Lies Beneath", and "Accessories".  My big pet peeve is the women with abundant curves who wear low-rider jeans and midriffs - too much unsightly blubber hanging out, and worse, with their underwear visible.  Where's the self-respect!  All clothes are covered in this book with many "Tips" and "Avoid" notes.  Now, once I get a paying job and can afford to get a wardrobe, I'm going to need this book because I'm tired of having nothing to wear (literally), and limited style and flair.  Hopefully we'll be able to stop buying stuff we end up not using and will stop wasting money and cluttering our closets.  And, I'm desperately looking for someone who can actually cut my hair.  I've yet to find anyone who knows what they're doing.
Conclusion - Extremely useful with so much constructive advice.

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