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Drawing and Painting Wild Animals by Vic Bearcroft Books in Review
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Drawing and Painting Wild Animals
by Vic Bearcroft
Search Press
ISBN 978-1-84448-694-6
Published October 2012 - Softcover - 128 pages - $24.95

Animals.  My favorite subject to photograph.  I can't draw animals so I prefer to photograph them.  This book is beautifully put together and offers anyone wishing to learn how to draw animals, a whole host of not only gorgeous drawings, but also useful tips. l I love how artist Vic Bearcroft gives his animals a "wild" background even though he (and most of us) usually only sees these kinds of animals in captivity.  His drawings include elephants, panda bears, foxes, monkeys, any number of big cats, zebra, and more.  He also offers pertinent advice on which mediums to use, and features the ones he uses: charcoal, pencils, carbon pencils, watercolor paint and acrylics.  He also discusses brushes and the surfaces available (which can be confusing for anyone starting out), i.e. watercolor paper, canvas, boards, and drawing papers.  He talks about First Sketches and how to sketch what your intended painting should become, as well as composition.  I appreciated the detail he goes into when it comes to the small parts like eyes and noses, which can make or break a picture.
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Conclusion - I enjoyed Bearcroft's style and found his book very imformative and inspirational.

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