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Eyewitness Travel Top 10 New York by Eleanor Berman Books in Review
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Eyewitness Travel Top 10 New York
by Eleanor Berman
Dorling Kindersley/Penguin
ISBN 978-1-46541-000-9
Published 2014 - Softcover - 192 pages - $14.00

These Eyewitness guides from Dorling Kindersley/Penguin have got to be, in my mind, the very best travel guides on the market.  Not only are they gorgeous to hold in one's hand, conveniently small to take on a trip, they are full of interesting information that you'll need and use.  Every page is a delight as there are concise and fantastic ideas to make note of ahead of your trip.  You don't have to sift through a kazillion words to get to the gist of what you're looking for, or to whet your travel appetite.  I adore the little illustrative photos scattered everywhere, and this Top 10 on New York City is no exception.  Whether it's highlights you want to see/discover, the museums or art galleries, impressive streets and/or buildings, theaters, music venues, restaurants, parks, parades, stores, you name it, they are all in this book.  There are websites you can investigate further, admission prices, telephone numbers, opening/closing times, floor plans, history and so much more to read about.  And then, there are the maps.  Useful maps.  Even a pull-out map you can carry around with you.  My friend from London is coming to New York and I'll be meeting up with her—we'll be using this guide to plot and plan our precious five days together.  This book also features things to see and do in Lower Manhattan, Chinatown, Little Italy, the Lower East Side and East Village, Soho and Tribeca, Greenwich Village, Chelsea, Midtown, the Upper East Side, the Upper West Side, Harlem, as well as Brooklyn, with little maps and exploring ideas you can opt to follow.
I've yet to find a more thought-out and well put-together travel guide series.  LOVE DK's Eyewitness guides as they're so alluring and informative.
Conclusion - I don't see how you can go wrong with this book.  Simply stunning and deserving of my three stars!

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