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Family Home of the New West
by Eliza Cross Castaneda
Northland Publishing
ISBN 0-87358-902-5
Published October 2006 - Softcover - 136 pages - $21.95

As far as I can establish, the "New West" is "from the desert vistas of the Southwest to the high country panoramas of the Rocky Mountains...", but it's not clear where in the Rocky Mountains.  This book offers everything from different kinds of homes, the interiors, external doorways, entrances, kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, and more.  Beautifully decorated, and mostly in a Southwest style, most were pretty liveable and family-oriented.  I loved the stone walls on page 3 (what a way to start a book!), the gorgeous stairs on page 13, and the view on page 100.  Of course, as with most books on homes, there are always wonderful ideas to be gleaned and adapated for your own personal decor.
Conclusion - Wonderful ideas for anyone thinking of moving to the Southwest, or just wanting to decorate in this style.

"I love those stone walls, too - and of course, if you have rowdy kids running around you won't find a much more indestructible wall covering than rocks!  This book addresses the shift that occurs when children and pets enter the family mix, when qualities like practicality - and indestructibility - influence our home design priorities and furnishing choices.  The thing I love about the homes in this book is that they're all down-to-earth spaces with plenty of style and personality, being lived in by real families who are battling the same challenges with muddy footprints, shedding dogs, and spilled grape juice that most of us face.  Eliza Cross Castaneda

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