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I Love God's Sense of Humor; I Just Wish He'd Let Me in on the Joke by Stan Toler Books in Review
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I Love God's Sense of Humor; I Just Wish He'd Let Me in on the Joke
by Stan Toler
Beacon Hill Press
ISBN 978-0-8341-2249-9
Published March 2006 - Paperback - 152 pages - $12.99

I've often wondered what God was thinking when I come across many horrors around the world.  Not man-made horrors, God-made ones.  Like deadly poisonous frogs, killer jelly fish, flies, mosquitoes, quicksand, etc.  This book says, "This book is about life's awkward moments.  It's about the silence that fills the air after trouble, tragedy, struggle, or stumbling."  Heaven knows, we've all been there and exprienced that!  Author Stan Toler also says, "It's about recovery.  Overcoming is the theme," and that we'll learn how to overcome Obstacles, Disappointment, Temptation, Anger, Fear, Inadequacy, Doubt, Hopelessness, Failure, and Loneliness.  A tall order, and "a spiritual workout".  Toler's "stories" are basically Biblical interpretations with a twist on society today.  Lots of references to the Bible and Bible stories, a lot of which is relevant today.  Problems are problems, then and/or now; it's how you deal with them that makes the difference.  Also, I don't believe in blaming God for the bad in your life, and neither do I believe in giving God credit for the good, at least not all the good.  I believe we plot and plan our own lives and the outcome is our own doing.  I just can't come to grips with so many people going at once in a flood or earthquake or hurricane or whatever.  But, I don't blame God because I think we (the powers that be) are sophisticated enough now to even manipulate the weather.  I also don't believe in literal translations of the Bible — there are too many varying opinions on what story means what to which people.  For me, the Golden Rule says it all.  (I didn't read the whole book as it wasn't what I was after — I thought it was a book of jokes.)
Visit Toler's website.  You can order this book on their toll-free number: 1-800-877-0700.
Conclusion - I thought this was a book of heavenly humor — it's a book of Christian life.

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