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Homemade Gifts - Easy Techniques and Great Projects
by Nicki Trench
Collins & Brown
ISBN 978-1-84340-531-3
Published September 2009 - Hardcover - 96 pages - $14.95

I agree, "homemade is enjoyjng a revival".  It has to be otherwise there wouldn't be so many craft and DIY books and television shows.  The trick is finding out what you can make and what you enjoy making/creating and then going from there.  Whether it's a gift you're making or inventory for a craft market, you'll enjoy these "Englishy" gifts to make.  Nicki Trench's collection of crafty ideas include a gorgeous tea cosy (there are lots of British or other traditional tea drinkers in the States who would love a tea cosy for themselves — I would), cute little egg cosies (a lovely Easter project), cookies or cakes, a shopping bag (a great way to use that old, old favorite dress fabric), or even a beanie for fingerless mittens.  If you don't have friends who'll appreciate your talents, make and sell at craft markets.  You'll certainly have different things to sell.  For beginners, there's no explanation what garter stitch is for the Tea Cosy but there is one for Father Christmas, or what a ball band is.
Conclusion - Creative tasks to attempt yourself.

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