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Extreme Makeover: Home Edition - The Official Companion Book
ISBN 1-4013-0819-8
Published September 2005 - Softcover - 176 pages - $17.95

"Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" is one of my favorite television shows, guaranteed to make me feel good and to shed a tear or two.  It now has an "official companion book".  The show is about helping one family at a time, which in turn, helps bring their particular community closer together.  Everyone pitches in to lend a hand whether they know their neighbors or not.  The book includes some of the familiar families the team has helped, a bit about the crew members, how the selection process works, quotes from the crew, and a great collection of old and new pictures of the houses they've worked on.  The crew, which changes here and there from time to time, work so well (on TV at least) together and that's a huge part of why the show is such a success.  One family that stands out in my mind, is that of "Sweet" Alice.  I loved her story and I get all mushy every time I see that episode.  I also loved the Vardon family and feel so emotional when I watch it.  This is reality television at its best - full of raw emotion and devotion to helping others out of sometimes awful situations.  Everyone gets involved and that's so heartwarming.  Talented and creative people throwing around ideas on how to constructively give what they can to each family while adding their own personal touches - what could be better!  And, we get to use some of the ideas if we want to.  It's a reflection of the goodness of the human spirit which is sometimes sorely lacking.  Superb show guys!
I've a great project for Ty or Paul, if they're interested - Sears too!
I adore Ty and his quirky personality but it's Paul who I find myself "enjoying" more than anything else.  He's got that something I've yet to find!
Conclusion - Details about this wonderful reality show you will refer to for ages.


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