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Collage Lost and Found - Creating Unique Projects with Vintage Ephemera
by Giuseppina Cirincione
North Light Books
ISBN 978-1-4403-2513-7 (Book) ISBN 978-1-5818-0787-5 (eBook)
Published 2006 - eBook

Giuseppina's story is interesting, and it's funny how things we do as children are often the builidng blocks for things we do "for real" later in life.  Developing a love of things old and vintage in her case, proves my point.  Sometimes we do things as a kid because we're encouraged to do something arty, but you just never know!  I'm getting into collage but am not quite sure exactly in what direction I'm heading, so I keep looking at different ways to collage&emdash;hopefully I'll settle somewhere in the middle.  Collage is basically sticking bits of paper, photos, or anything you've cut out, or anything else you'd like to include on the page, building a story as you go.  Or not.  I can't see ahead of time what I want to make, or what goes with what, so having beautiful books like this is extremely helpful.  I can see something I like, visualize a different color or picture, and run with it.  I just need a gentle push.  Giuseppina's definitely into vintage and she uses old photos a lot, but you can adapt her style to use anything you'd like to use.  That's the beauty of reading books like this!  (I read this as an eBook but quite honestly, it doesn't have the impact (for me) as does a book in the hand.)  Book binding and altering books is also discussed here, so you're not limited to making art journal pages, cards or tags.  She basically repurposes old books or boxes or papers into new art.  Or tins, domino tiles, and she even has a section on how to make jewelry!
Lists of materials she uses are also supplied so you have some idea of what you might need for any given project.  Look around thrift stores, yard sales, library sales, or even your basement or attic for stuff to turn into art.

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