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Our Endangered Values - America's Moral Crisis
by Jimmy Carter
Simon & Schuster
ISBN 0-7432-8457-7
Published November 2005 - Hardcover - 213 pages - $25.00

This is the umpteenth book from prolific writer and ex-President Jimmy Carter.  In this interesting book he talks about the "deterioration in harmony, cooperation, and collegiality in the Congress, is at least in part, a result of the rise of fundamentalist tendencies and their religious and political impact", and "in the approach to combating terrorism, two-thirds of Republicans believe that use of overwhelming force is best, while an even larger proportion of Democrats think that, although our armed forces should be used when our nation's security is threatened, excessive use of military actions tends to increase animosity against our country and breed more terrorists".  He also says, we do "agree overwhelmingly in several important issues: the value of religion in individual lives, the power of the personal initiative to realize human potential, and the need to protect the environment...", and I'm quoting only from the first few pages.  President Carter's passionate take on the decline of values is a spirited look at America today.  He also covers many other subjects and has a lot of thought-provoking things to say, some of which should be common sense, or at least thought about.  Subjects he discusses include religion, women's rights, abortion, homosexuality, the environment, science and religion, and church and state - all equally important issues.  His outlook on life is deeply rooted in his unshakeable faith and he explains this in detail.  He points out the many "wrongs" by governments over the years in America, and how stingy America is (compared to other more generous, but vastly smaller, nations) with regards to helping poorer countries.  Personally, if we could only find a happy medium in which to co-exist on this planet, a little give and take, and a lot of sharing our excesses, we'd be well on our way to a better world.
Conclusion - Many points to ponder about our lives and our future here on earth.

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