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When Will Jesus Bring the Pork Chops?
by George Carlin
ISBN 1-4013-0134-7
Published October 2004 - Hardcover - 295 pages - $23.95

I've never read any of George Carlin's other books but I've enjoyed his unique brand of humor on television specials.  This humorous book is a look at his interpretation, or take, on today and at the language we now speak.  Over emphasizing statements has always been a pet peeve of mine and so has stating the obvious, so I got a kick out of reading Carlin's outspokeness and observances.  He explains the differences between men and women - right on!, rewrites the Ten Commandments, has a go at humans and their behavior in general, and basically, speaks his mind.  In some instances it's very coarse and crude so be warned.  I didn't enjoy, and neither do I think it funny, his "promotion" of violence, pro-Michael Jackson antics, and drugs.  In his own mind he might deem it laughable but even in the most outspoken country in the world, I found it unnecessary and certainly not funny.  This is just his way of trying to be controversial but he comes off sounding like a foul-mouthed, excessively violent dork.  Why he felt it necessary to include so much mindlessness and idiocy in what could have been a very funny book, albeit a much shorter read, I don't know.  Perhaps I would know if I knew his work better.  This is just my opinion.  Everything else is actually really quite hilarious.  For the most, I guess, we can't always help where our minds go.  Some of his subject matter was quite revolting.
Conclusion - Be wary as it's not all you think it is.  Perhaps it would have been funnier delivered live in a comedy club, and after a few drinks. BookBrowser


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