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The Naked Mom by Brooke Burke Books in Review
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The Naked Mom - A Modern Mom's Fearless Revelations, Savvy Advice, and Soulful Reflections
by Brooke Burke
NAL (New American Library)
ISBN 978-0-451-23233-5
Published February 2011 - Hardcover - 307 pages - $25.95

Personally, I think Brooke Burke is one of the most beautiful people around.  She looks good, sounds good, and well, I'll let you know at the end of this review if she is good.  Now, this is one busy mother-of-four who, like many moms, tries to balance her life with only two hands.  Having an organized mind helps, and in this case, Brooke Burke's example is one to be admired, at least, if not imitated as best you can.  Her schedule is unenviable.  Her rewards, wishful.  Her down moments (she has them too), are much like everyone else's.  Brooke's book is not a how-to-be-a-perfect-mother.  On the contrary.  It's about how she deals with her own situations, how she tries to be authentic in all she does, and she imparts pearls of wisdom to use (or work into) your own life as a working mother.  Perfect she's not.  No one is.  But, she's not far off in most departments in life.  Like most of us, Brooke's had her ups and downs, but it's how you handle them and what you learn from them that molds you into the person you become.  Brooke's approach to eating is a healthy one, and I loved hearing how she's teaching her children good eating habits.  Her chapter on guilt (mommy guilt) is extremely interesting, whether or not you have children.  Her book is a look into the life of one very busy woman who has (and keeps trying) to keep it together, and her ways of staying connected to her love is inspiring.  I was pleasantly surprised at the depth of this woman, as I had my doubts about yet another Hollywood-type telling us how things should be done.  Boy, was I ever proved wrong, and I apologize for thinking along those lines.  Ms. Brooke's head is screwed on the right way.  Her intentions are good, she's honest, hardworking, funny, romantic, and by all accounts, a good mom.  She also talks about her stint as a competitor on Dancing with the Stars and as host of the acclaimed show.  Not only is she good, she's great!  I too have the blind man fantasy, but I'm more the exuder.
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Conclusion - Classy.  Interesting.  Insightful.  I highly recommend every parent or parent-to-be read this beautifully written and meaningful book.  Bien fait!

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