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How To Ruin Your Life
by Ben Stein
Hay House, Inc.
ISBN 1-56170-974-3
Published December 2005 - Hardcover - 110 pages - $12.95

The more often than not hilarious Mr. Stein delivers a very tongue in cheek bunch of "lessons" on how to ruin your life.  Thirty five of them to be exact.  He has sections such as "Never Accept Any Responsibility For Anything That Goes Wrong," "Remember That No One Else Counts," and "Ignore Your Family" among other beauts.  Of course no one really wants to ruin their lives (perhaps just a few), so if you reverse his "advice", you'll stand a good chance of being reasonably successful.  I didn't get the humor in the written word that I'm used to getting from Mr. Stein.  Mainly because, sadly, there will be more than a handful of idiots who'll take this book literally.  I've met many of them!  I was surprised Hay House published such a "negative" book, as I always thought they were into upliftment and encouragement.  This book, coincidentally, is almost the opposite (in a lot of ways) of the book I've just written and am about to publish.  I have another in the wings if Hay House is interested!
Conclusion - Not as funny as I anticipated.

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