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Beading Vintage-Style Jewelry - Easy Projects with Elegant Heirloom Appeal
by Marty Stevens-Heebner & Christine Calla
ISBN 1-60059-070-5
Published June 2007 - Hardcover - 127 pages - $24.95

I do love crafts that keep you busy.  And even better, ones that you can make money from.  Beads and jewelry appeal to me because you don't have sticky bits to contend with, and you don't need a million gadgets.  I was delighted to immediately spot something I could make myself, and something that I needed, on page 6 (full project on page 100).  Vintage doesn't have to mean centuries ago, as you'll see in this book; it can mean as late as the sixties.  However, as "vintage" continuously makes a comeback, it basically never goes out of style.  Co-designers Marty and Christine offer Classics, Romantic, Dramatic, and Elegant vintage-style projects.  They include pearl necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more.  I liked the Ladder of Beads Ribbon Choker - the possibilities are endless. [Tip from me: make sure you have a longish neck - chokers are not flattering on short necks.]  I also liked the Faces of Time Photo Bracelet (makes a fabulous original heirloom) and the flower on page 93.  I loved the step-by-steps - almost as good as taking a class.  We're also given all the "ingredients" for each project so most of the guesswork has been eliminated.  The beads and stones, and indeed most things, are available in craft stores, which are incredible places to visit.  Makes me wish I was more creative with my hands.  Now you don't have to spend a fortune on antique jewelry, and you'll have your own heirlooms to pass down the ranks.
I have to ask: Where is page 000?  (see page 15 under Crimp Beads.)  I do think a list of suppliers at the back of the book would have been really helpful.
Visit their website.
Conclusion - Fun things to make and create.

Review copy not supplied by publisher - library copy reviewed.

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