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Madam Secretary - A Memoir
by Madeleine Albright
Miramax Books
ISBN 0-7868-6843-0
Published September 2003 - Hardcover - 562 pages - $27.95

This is a fascinating memoir by Madeleine Albright, past Secretary of State, among many other roles in her distinguished life.  Born in then Czechoslovakia, fleeing Hitler (and the Communists) to live in London and then in the USA, Ms. Albright eloquently tells her incredible story which I found captivating.  She relates her growing up in Denver, Colorado, her marriage to Joe Albright, her children, her education, and her subsequent rise to the status of becoming Bill Clinton's Secretary of State - the first woman to do so.  The stories of her involvement with the Bosnian war, her journeying around the world as the US Ambassador to the United Nations, and so much more, are eye-opening.  As is her learning late in life that she was of Jewish descent and that three of her grandparents had died in concentration camps.  This is an interesting read as she recalls many meetings between many leaders from around the globe, and in particular, Israel and Palestine and many eastern European countries' leaders and prominant people.  At times I found it a little laborious, especially as I'm not that into politics, but it's nevertheless a good history lesson, with lots of photographs.  What a busy and incredible career!
Conclusion - A great book by a great lady. BookBrowser

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