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Five Beautiful Women
by Victor Skrebneski
ISBN 0-8478-3114-2
Published March 2008 - Hardcover - 160 pages - $50.00

Just looking at the gorgeous Karen Graham on the cover of this beautiful book took me back some years.  I always wished I could look like her.  I thought she was the most stunning face in all creation.  This book is a re-release of famed celebrity and exclusive Estée Lauder photographer (1962-1987) Victor Skrebneski's photographs of Phyllis Connor, Karen Harris, Karen Graham, Shaun Casey, and Willow Bay.  French couturier Hubert Givenchy (love his perfume, and he dressed Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's) wrote the Introduction, and says: "He has succeeded in his very personal way to convey not only the external individuality of his subjects, but, what in my opinion is more important, their inner beings, that is to say their souls".  Quite a feat for any photographer I'd say.  These photographs celebrate his 25 years at Estée Lauder, and are classics.  Look and marvel at the 1966 Evening Dress by Chuck Howard (Phyllis Connor) picture; the 1973 Evening Dress by Stephen Burrows (Karen Graham) picture; the 1973 picture of Karen Graham (cactus), and the amazing 1986 picture of Willow Bay.  I'd love to see what these women look like today.
Conclusion - A definite must for Skrebneski admirers and for anyone who is fascinated by brilliant photographic work.  This is the ultimate coffee table book.

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