It's taken me a lifetime to find my joy.  And I'm still not one hundred percent sure I know what it is.  However, what I found is that I do have joy in my life.  And right now, my joy is taking photographs of my local wildlife and making greeting cards to sell.  Of course I also need to make a living for myself, so I'm doing special art shows whenever I can to raise these funds.  However, the absolute joy I get from being outside and observing nature at her best, is pure and unadulterated.

Last year I discovered the joy of painting.  I tried my hand at some acrylic abstracts which can be matted and framed, and then moved on to greeting cards.  I later made some original art greeting cards which sell quite well.  I also paint on canvas panels and stretched canvas, and more recently, bookmarks.  This new discovery has opened a whole new world to me, and I have two art galleries that have a little of my work, so I'm slowly but surely getting my work out there.  I have a website for my Original Art if you're interested. Dixie

Despite not having a car and having to make do with my bicycle (year round in Colorado!), I manage to get out and about and take the time to notice the fascinating "life" around me.  I even made friends with a Canada Goose I called Dixie.  She had a crippled foot and had been coming back to the same spot for years, and when I called her name, she came right to me for some food.  She began to actually eat out Dixie of my hand, and she knew that if she came right up to me, she wouldn't be picked on by the others.  Dixie on the Fence I was even allowed to stroke her back while she ate out of my other hand.  What a privilege!  Basically, I think she grew accustomed to the sound of the word "Dixie" and that it meant food.  She was my joy for a few years.  To be honest, I don't know if she was a she or a he.

Trying to find ways of earning a living in this economy is not the easiest thing I've ever done.  And it's wearing me out.  Using a bicycle for transportation, living in a friend's basement as accommodation, wearing clothes from Goodwill (thank goodness for Goodwill), doing without most things (a great lesson I have to say), is a test of one's resolve and resilience.  For me, both are intact.

A project I worked on was a series of books featuring my wildlife photographs.  I managed to publish just one volume, (copies of which I still have for sale) and planned to use these books as fundraisers to benefit wildlife and nature organizations.  The weird thing was that no one was interested, not even my local nature center who were desperate to raise funds for a planned expansion.  Please visit this page for more information on my self-published book entitled Backyard Snapshots.

Other joys in my life include my digital camera (I worked hard and saved hard for this), my website, painting and making new art projects, my book reviews (I love reading non-fiction), travel), and just being in the moment.  I'm always working on book ideas and will be published for a third time—third time lucky as the other two books haven't earned me anything.  I do it for the joy of it.

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Thank you for visiting me here.  Peace and happiness.  Adrienne
Updated June 2014

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