The Wedding!    
(27 August 2017)

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Not only did I celebrate my 60th birthday in London with family and friends, I also had a family reunion at the spectacular wedding of my niece Amy.  (She's now Mrs Amy Brown.)  Amy and Alex chose the 27th August to tie the knot and they were extremely fortunate that the weather gods smiled on them and granted them a perfectly beautiful day, complete with sunshine and warmth. 

Friends and extended family members caught up after lengthy periods of absence and it was a joyous occasion to say the least.  The attention to detail was quite mind-blowing, even down to flip flops for ladies whose feet ached and squishy blankets against the chilly late night air.  As the Champagne flowed and cocktail glasses clinked, the whole affair became a bringing together of the clans.  Catching up with my parents, brothers and sister, their families, old family friends and relatives-by-marriage was precious to me because I have no idea if I'll ever see many of them again.


Family Reunion
The night before the wedding I met up with my parents and brother, sister-in-law and nephew for a fish and chips supper at the King's Head pub, just down the road from my sister's house in Sutton Valence, Kent.  It was an emotional reunion as I hadn't seen my parents in seven years and my youngest brother in about fifteen years!  Some of the wedding guests stayed at a local boarding school in their dorms, which was fun.  The gardens were superb and we could sit outside and enjoy them, the views, and the lovely sunshine. 


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