Local Wildlife Art Shows
My first participation in a show was to benefit Fountain Creek Nature Center, Southern Colorado;
my second show was a solo show at my local Library; my third show was at Bear Creek Nature Center, and my fourth show was another solo show at the library.  My fifth art show was at the Fountain Creek Nature Center Art Festival.
My first book signing was at the Fountain Library.  My second book signing at the Old Colorado City Library.
I held my third book signing at the Cheyenne Mountain Library.  I've had subsequent signings as well.

My first BIG art exhibit ran through the month of August 2012 at the Fremont Center of the Arts in Cañon City, CO.
505 Macon Ave, Canon City, CO 81212  Tel: (719) 275-2790 www.fremontarts.org

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Some of the artwork on show at the Fountain Creek Nature Center (Sep 2008)





Some of my artwork on show at the Library (Nov 2008)

I decided to put on a show at my local library, donating 50% of the proceeds to the Fountain Creek Nature Center.  This was my first solo show and I had a variety of 8x10 and 5x7 photographs, as well as 4x6 greeting cards on show and for sale.  I managed to raise a total of $196.00 which I shared with the nature center.
Local Newspaper Article

Some of the art on show at the Bear Creek Nature Center show (Dec 2008)

Bear Creek Nature Center was the third show in which I participated.  Unfortunately, and probably due to the poor economy, not much artwork sold.  There weren't as many visitors as we'd hoped, and I didn't see many pieces being taken down and sold.
Some of my art on show at my second solo show at the Library (Mar 2009)

The support and compliments far outweighed the proceeds I made at this show.  Quite a few people came to view the show but not as many as I'd hoped, especially after all the "advertising" I did.  I managed to raise just over $100 of which I donated 30% to my local nature center.


The fifth show I took part in was the Fountain Creek Nature Center Art Festival at the end of September 2009.


My first book signing at the Fountain Branch library! (August 2009)

My second book signing at the Old Colorado City Library (September 2009)

I would like to thank the extreme generosity of the "English" lady in the blue car who very kindly brought me something to eat and drink when I couldn't get away.  I didn't get your name but I'll not forget you!

My third book signing at the Cheyenne Mountain Library (October 2009)

Thanks to the very friendly and enthusiastic staff who made me feel very welcome.
My first BIG art exhibit was held at the Fremont Center for the Arts in Cañon City, CO through the month of August 2012.  There was a huge turnout for the reception on First Friday and I even sold some art!

Thanks to all those who helped make the show happen!

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