After my brief visit at the Nature and Raptor Center, I decided to go and see what the Pueblo Zoo was all about seeing as it was just down the road.  A third zoo visit in two days!  I had a rental car so I was able to get around and I made the most of it!

This zoo is not as big as the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo but is plenty big enough to walk around.  There are lovely pathways to stroll, and I found that seeing the animals clearly was tricky because of the wire barriers.  Taking photos was even more difficult.  Not all zoos are the same and this one had animals that neither Cheyenne Mountain Zoo nor the Denver Zoo had, such as buffalo, Maned Wolf, Asian Ponies, Elk, Ostrich, and a few others.  So, visiting all three zoos offered me a wonderful selection of animals to see.  I'm still not sure about zoos as at times I felt myself on the verge of crying seeing the animals penned up.

I visited the zoo again in June 2011 and here are some photos.

I've posted a few of my photographs for you to enjoy - click on these thumbnails for larger pictures.
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Details of the Pueblo Zoo
Third Visit to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo (May 2011)
First Visit to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo (May 2010)
Second Visit to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo (May 2010)
Denver Zoo, Colorado (May 2010)
Nature & Raptor Center of Pueblo, Colorado (May 2010)
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Pueblo Zoo, Pueblo, Colorado


My second visit to the zoo, in June 2011.  I had another wonderful day walking about seeing all the animals.  I'd never seen a white peacock before, and I enjoyed the baby goats.

Admission*: Adults (12-64) $8.00  Seniors (65 and above) $7.00  Children (3-17) $7.00  Children (3-5) $5.00  (Call or go online for membership information)
Address: 3455 Nuckolls Avenue, Pueblo, Colorado 81005
Telephone: (719) 561-1452
Web Address:
E-Mail Address: (they don't have a general e-mail address)
Hours: Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm and Saturday and Sunday 9am to 5pm

* Prices correct at the time (May 2010).

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