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(22nd and 23rd August 2017)

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Hereford was a two-night stop at my brother's as I'd not seen them in about eleven years!  I had just spent the night with old friends in Stroud and worked my way west across the country via Gloucester and Worcester Foregate, where I had to change trains for Hereford, my fifth rail pass segment.  At Worcester Foregate station I enjoyed a delicious bacon and egg sandwich made from scratch!  My brother and sister-in-law met me at the station and we drove the half-hour trip to Hereford through the beautiful English countryside, complete with narrow side roads.  It was a lovely reunion with my family and I was thoroughly spoilt with birthday gifts, a home-made barbeque and a home-made pizza in a home-made pizza oven!  My sister-in-law, Pat, took me to Hay-on-Wye (the town of books and home of annual Hay Festival of Literature) which is actually on the Welsh side of the English border but mail goes to an England address!  Go figure!

The Hay Castle grounds are nice to walk around and the view from up there is lovely. 

We also drove up a pretty scary little road to a golf course with the most incredible vantage point, not to mention loads of sheep meandering the links!  I could see Wales.  In many places throughout England you may come across stone walls, often remnants of Roman walls, and Kington was no exception.  How I didn't barf my brains out being driven around some of those narrow lanes and alleys-for-roads, I'll never know.  Once again the skies were devoid of blue.

I also got to meet their new dog Barney, who enjoyed a cup of tea with us.  I had visited Kington before but Pat and I went for a walk downtown which to me, looked rather deserted, with barely a soul out and about.  I did see some gorgeous flowers and gardens.  We took the dog for a walk along a stream and where it was quite overgrown with vegetation and thus pretty dark.
    Kington, Hereford, UK

On the afternoon of my second day in Kington, Pat drove me out to Westonbury Mill Water Gardens, near Pembridge.  Oh, man, what a place!  It reminded me of Monet's Garden in Giverny, France!  There is even a little Monet Bridge.  This is an area of about three-and-a-half acres and lovingly put together by owner Richard Pim.  I could have spent at least another hour there I enjoyed it so much.  There was a wonderful selection of flowers and plants, and the layout was just gorgeous to walk around.  They have a lovely cafeteria for coffee or tea and cakes!  I highly recommend visiting this lovely spot.

I left Hereford the next day on my way to Stratford-upon-Avon for a night.  The Welsh border and surrounds is truly a beautiful place to visit and to enjoy some peace and quiet.  In Hay-on-Wye there are any number of bed and breakfasts (and other accommodations) if you're interested.


Westonbury Mill Water Gardens - Pembridge HR6 9HZ
Tel: 01544 388650
Web: westonburymillwatergardens.com/
Facebook: Facebook
Delicious cakes and teas and you can sit outside and enjoy the view of the gardens.

E-mail:  travel2@live.com
or pettprojects@yahoo.com

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