It never rains, it pours.  Well, as it happens, my second visit to a zoo in one month did happen in the rain, of sorts.  It snowed the night before and as I had to go to Denver, I thought I'd visit the world famous zoo afterwards.  Melting snow, which felt like rain, didn't deter me as I ended up spending five hours wandering around.  Naturally I had my camera with me and shot over four hundred pictures!  However, a second zoo visit in one month is exceptional in my case.

The Denver Zoo is larger than the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo but in some instances I thought the confines were too small for the creatures.  The mountain goats, sheep, and tiger were in smallish areas (to my mind) as were the little bat-eared fox, the bald eagles, the large and long snakes, the big bears, and the zebra.  Because it was rather nippy outside, many of the animals were indoors and some were not even there, like the kudu, okapi, and others.

Both zoos had an impressive array of animals (African elephants at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and Indian elephants at the Denver Zoo) and one had animals that the other didn't have (rhino at the Denver Zoo, sea lions at the Denver Zoo, tropical fish and reptiles on a larger scale at the Denver Zoo, wallabies and moose at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, etc.).

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit and spent five hours walking around looking at all there was to see.  But I was very impressed with the Tropical Discovery which housed a fantastic array of creatures and is very well worth a visit, especially on a cold day as it's hot and humid inside.  I loved the assortment of fish on display.

Construction was underway of the new area called the Asian Tropics.  I can't wait to see what they come up with in this huge area.

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Denver Zoo, Denver, Colorado

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I've posted some of my many photographs for you to enjoy - click on these thumbnails for larger pictures.  Some photos were taken through condensation-laden glass!
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Some of the animals that I saw were: Giraffe, Red River Hogs, African Penguins, Pythons, Cheetahs, Wolves, Rhinoceros, Poison Dart Frogs, Vipers, Crocodile, Andean Condors, Bald Eagles, African Lions, Tiger, Bears, Flamingos, Camels, Polar Bear, and Hyena among many other species.

Admission*: Adults (12-64) $12.00  Seniors (65 and above) $9.00  Children (3-11) $7.00  Children (2 and under) FREE (Call or go online for discounts and Free Days and cheaper prices between Nov 2 and Feb 28)
Address: 2300 Steele Street, Denver, CO 80205 (Main entrance on 23rd Ave. between Colorado Blvd. and York St.)
Telephone: (303) 376-4800
Web Address:
E-Mail Address:
Hours: 9am - 5pm (Grounds close at 5pm) and Winter Hours (Nov 1 to Feb 28) open from 10am to 4pm.

* Prices correct at the time (May 2010).

I rented a car from the ever-reliable Enterprise (Hyundai Accent) who kindly picked me up at home.  The Accent went well on the Interstate and was very comfortable despite its basic appearance.  I'm choosing Enterprise every time as they live up to their advertising.  Visit them online at  I got approximately 35 mpg in the Hyundai.


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