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Deal and Sandwich!    
(2nd and 3rd September 2017)

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Deal was Bronwen's and my first choice but we couldn't find accommodation for this weekend there so we opted to spend the Saturday in Deal and the Saturday night in Sandwich, just a five-minute train ride away.  This would be my thirteenth and fourteenth segments on my train pass.  We were up early and caught an early Southeastern train (seems as though I was just on a Southeastern train...) to Deal from St. Pancras train station, a beautiful station at that.  Unfortunately there wasn't wi-fi on the train but we didn't mind as we had each other to talk to.  We made it to Deal and walked into town once again in search of the Information Centre.  We never found one so we just spent the day meandering around, admiring the homes and stores, enjoying the sunshine, eating a light fishy lunch on the beach, visiting the adorable Deal Castle and just generally taking things easy.  Apart from the castle, neither of us had anything in particular that we just had to see; we were there for a relaxing weekend, our last weekend together before I jetted back to the States.  The castle is a small one and we were only allowed on the ground levels, the lower levels and where the cannons were.  Entrance for adults was £6.60 ($9) and seniors £5.90 ($8).
Deal, Kent, England      

The sun was shining and it was wonderful to be able to feel the warmth on our arms after so many dreary and dull days!  We did enjoy walking along the pedestrianized main street with all the lovely shops and eating places.  We popped into a small gallery but that was about all we could find.  After expecting to find Deal saturated with art galleries, we found but two.

I guess without a map we were sort of lost, but that suited us just fine.  After a long and very easy going day, which included tea at the end of the lovely pier, we made our way to Sandwich for the night.

When we arrived in Sandwich in the early evening, the Info Centre was closed, but we got a map from our hotel, the Fleur de Lis.  What a lovely hotel and restaurant, with such friendly and obliging staff.  We checked in and dropped our things and went for a short walk, mainly to get some supper.  We opted to have a picnic (food sourced from the local Co-Op) in our room and watch a movie.  It had been a long day in Deal.

After breakfast the next day, another sumptuous Full English Breakfast, we decided to go for a walk and see what we came across.  We came across an American Navy boat, right there in front of us.  We ended up walking ourselves silly, probably about six miles, all the way across farmland to the beach and back!  We got lost and found ourselves wandering aimlessly across a golf course or two in search of the way back.  We did get some strange looks from the golfers but we made it back without getting hit on the head by a golf ball and in time to walk around the very, very quiet town of Sandwich.  Not much in the way of traffic and even less in the way of pedestrians.  This was a Sunday but man, it was quiet.  We had our map but the streets in Sandwich are very confusing and seem to run in each other resulting in us feeling as through we'd just been there, or had we?

After catching our breath with a cuppa at a local Costa (the last place we thought we'd see a Costa), we picked up our stowed bags and started walking back to the station.  Back to the lovely St. Pancras station and back to Barnes!  We did it!  We had two weekends together at the seaside.
Both were relieved we actually found our way back to the hotel and weren't abducted by aliens in an abandoned farm pasture.


Fleur de Lis Hotel - 6-8 Delf Street, Sandwich, Kent, CT13 9BZ, United Kingdom
Tel: 01304611131
Web: fleurdelishotel.co.uk
Email: bookings@fleurdelishotel.co.uk
Here is my Trip Advisor review.


English Heritage (Deal Castle) - Marine Road, Deal, Kent CT14 7BA
Web: www.english-heritage.org.uk/visit/places/deal-castle
Facebook: www.facebook.com/englishheritage
Twitter: twitter.com/englishheritage
So much to inpsire you at their website!  Do visit them for ideas of what to see and where to go on your next UK trip.

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