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Thinking about children who are sick and hospitalized should be an all-year idea, not just around the holidays.  Every day of the year there are thousands of sick children in hospitals who could do with a little cheering up.  Most of them can't go outside and don't get to see and feel Nature.

My wildlife greeting cards are real photos, not computer printouts, of animals, plants, birds, insects, flowers, and more.  All you have to do is email me your message to a sick child and I'll print it out and enclose it with the card/s, and you'll make a child's day a whole lot brighter.

You can also send a copy of my wildlife book Backyard Snapshots, with a greeting card.  My book has lots of full-page color photos enchanting enough to lift anyone's spirits.

N.B. PLEASE follow these guidelines from Cards for Hospitalized Kids when writing your messages.
Please email me at pettprojects@yahoo.com if you have any questions.    Adrienne Petterson

Ideas of my Wildlife Photographs
Ideas of the kinds of cards I can send for you:-
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PRICES: (includes postage and printing)

$  3.00 for one card;
$12.50 for 5 cards;
$25.00 for 10 cards;
$100.00 for 50 cards
$32.00 A Card a Month for a Year!

or Backyard Snapshots book plus a greeting card for just $10.00!

Don't forget to email your message to me!


Guidelines for Messages (per Cards for Hospitalized Kids)
- Do not address your message to anyone in particular as your card will not be redirected.
- At the request of hospitals, we ask that you do not write 'get well', 'feel better' or related comments as many of the children have terminal illnesses.
- Do not include any personal information on the cards such as your phone number, address, email address, or any other personal information.
- Do not write any religious comments such as God Bless or I'm praying for you.  They cannot accept cards that contain these comments, at the request of hospitals.  Hospitals treat patients of all religions as well patients who do not practice religion, which is why they do not allow us to give out cards containing religious comments.
- Say things like: Stay Strong - You're Awesome - Always remember how amazing you are - You Rock - I hope you have a great day today - You shine brighter than the sun - You're the best - Be Brave - You're beautiful - I believe in YOU, etc.
- Please DO NOT SEAL your cards/letters.

Card Options (Email your message for inclusion!)

Thank you for helping to brighten a sick child's day!
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