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START YOUR ART COLLECTION HERE!  Collecting original art is very exciting but can be very expensive.
Starting with these cards will get you on your way.

Large cards measure 5x6.5 inches (smaller cards measure 4x5.5 inches) and come with a matching envelope and plastic protective sleeve and can be landscape or portrait (horizontal or vertical).  Art may vary in size from card to card.  Cards are signed, titled and original.  Card stock may be white (W), red (R), brown (B) or ivory (I) and can be framed.  Cards are blank inside for personal messages.  Colors may vary slightly as photographs don't quite capture the exact colors.
PRICES: Large $4.99 each and Small $3.75 each (with FREE SHIPPING to USA addresses)
Small Abstract Cards $3.00 each
Choose your cards from the drop-down menus in each row.

~ If you want me to paint multiples of any particular card/s (except the abstracts), let me know! ~

Row A
Large Cards

You Choose!

"Hanging Tree" (R)

"Now?" (I)

"Open Sea" (W)

"Aspens by Day" (B)
Row B
Large Cards

You Choose!

"Happy" (W)

"Trees about Trees" (W)

"Wisteria Climber" (W)

"Trees are Friends" (W)
Row C
Large Cards

You Choose!

"Come Home" (I)

"Who?" (W)

"I'm Here" (I)

"Five of Us" (I)
Row D
Large Cards

You Choose!

"Space" (W)

"Underwater" (W)

"Green Gem" (I)

"Reach" (I)
Row E
Large Cards

You Choose!

"Stars in a Rainbow Sky" (W)

"All of Us" (W)

"Desert Flowers" (W)

"Sweet Smelling" (R)
Row F
Large Cards

You Choose!

"Love is All Around" (W)

"Trees at Night" (W)

"You're Mine" (W)

"Square is Not Square" (W)
Row G
Large Cards

You Choose!

"Old Trees" (W)

"Don't Pass Me By" (W)

"Our Trees" (I)

"Fantasy" (W)
Row H
Large Cards

You Choose!

"Trees for Me" (W)

"In the Pink" (W)

"Ready for Rain" (W)

"You're Mine" (W)
Row I
Large Cards

You Choose!

"Where?" (I)

"Never!" (W)

"Yes?" (W)

"Bundles" (W)
Row J
Large Cards

You Choose!

"Drink Me" (R)

"White Tulips" (W)

"Pink is You" (I)

"Gentleness" (W)
Row K
Large Cards

You Choose!

"Out at Sea" (R)

"Adobe Wall" (W)

"Over the Ocean" (B)

"Chili Time" (W)
Row L
Large Cards

You Choose!

"Hope Tree" (R)

"See What You Sea" (W)

"Be Somewhere" (W)

"Decisions" (W)
Row aa
Small Cards

Take Your Pick

"Us" (W)

"You and Me" (W)

"Love It" (W)

"L.H.C." (W)
Row bb
Small Cards

Take Your Pick

"Streaks" (W)

"Ions in the Sky" (W)

"Cozy" (W)

"Ability" (W)
Row cc
Small Cards

Take Your Pick

"Colorful Freedom" (W)

"Golden Sunset" (W)

"Get Behind the Wind" (W)

"Sweet as Sugar" (B)
Row dd
Small Cards

Take Your Pick

"Blue for Boys" (W)

"Share What You Have" (W)

"Care" (B)

"Red is Lucky" (W)
Row ee
Small Cards

Take Your Pick

"Single Love" (B)

"Sunset" (W)

"Love Tree" (I)

"Stormy Freedom" (W)
Row ff
Small Cards

Take Your Pick

"Skies Are Green" (W)

"Look" (W)

"Moon Fever" (W)

"I Love a Purple Moon" (W)
Row gg
Small Cards

Take Your Pick

"Love is Special" (W)

"Come Closer" (I)

"Mixed Bag" (W)

"Never Forget Spring" (B)
Row hh
Small Cards

Take Your Pick

"Storms Pass" (W)

"Trees 'n Grass" (W)

"Field of Flowers" (W)
Small Abstract Cards
Brown Card Stock
$3.00 shipped to USA addresses

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