Cape Town Photos (July 2018)

  1 Cape Town Harbor.

  3 Outside art in the form of a rhino.

  5 The Clock Tower, a meeting spot in the Waterfront.

  7 More outdoor art!

  9 I had the delicious fried calamari here.

  11 Someone else's order at the Fat Fish Cafe.

  13 I loved the colors!

  15 Inside the museum.  Sliced-through silos.

  17 More sliced-through silos.  Quite dramatic.

  19 I found this rather beautiful.

  21 This was part of the moving exhibit.  (I painted this when I go home.)

  23 A busy harbor.

  25 A very laid back sea gull.

  27 Hauntingly beautiful profile of the Cape Cormorant.

  29 The harbor is a working harbor and therefore on the go all the time.

  31 Live music.

  33 Another tug boat, the workhorse of any harbor.

  2 One section of the Waterfront shops.

  4 A rather interesting boat!

  6 Table Mountain features heavily in one's Waterfront photos.

  8 Here's where you'd catch the ferry to Robben Island.

  10 Oh, yummy!

  12 South Africa's pride, pure apple juice, sparkling!

  14 The Silo Hotel and Zeitz museum.

  16 The amazing museum staircase.

  18 A little of the art on exhibit.

  20 Powerful image.

  22 Part of one of the movie exhibits.

  24 Old trading post but the building is gorgeous.  Old Cape Dutch.

  26 Cape Cormorant.

  28 This was taken in the Waterfront but reminded me of Los Angeles.

  30 Another wing with stores in the Waterfront.  Note the nautical theme.

  32 Fancy arty bench.

  34 Postcard beautiful.  (That green building is ridiculously ugly and inappropriate, imo!)


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