Cape Town Photos (July 2018)

  1 View of Robben Island from Blouberg Beach.

  3 Blue bottles (Portuguese Man o War).

  5 Couldn't help taking this photo - reminds me of that saying...

  7 One of many large cargo vessels that visit Cape Town.

  9 He got it!

  11 My delicious calamari at the Ocean Basket in Table View.

  13 The old lighthouse at Milnerton Beach.

  15 Egyptian Geese in the neighborhood.

  17 Adorable doves with beautiful markings.

  19 Don't know what this is but I think a protea relative.

  21 Salmon-colored Hibiscus.

  23 Cape White Eye or Wit Oogie.

  25 Guinea Fowl in the neighborhood.

  27 I hadn't noticed the sparkly wing feathers of the Hadeda.

  29 Egyptian Goose.

  31 Male Pin-tailed Whydah.

  33 Lethal thorns in Mom's garden. (Actually the thorns were soft.)

  35 Rock pigeon.

  37 Female Mossie (Sparrow).

  39 A suburban Cape Town bus.

  2 View of Cape Town and Table Mountain, complete with strip of pollution.

  4 "The view" from Milnerton Beach.

  6 Aaaaahhh!

  8 Determined sea gull.

  10 Such a peaceful scene with the birds and waves.

  12 Mom's fish and chips.

  14 The new bridge across Milnerton Lagoon.

  16 Beautiful colors of the Egyptian Geese.

  18 Red Hot Poker.

  20 A whole bush of pointsettia.

  22 Strelitzia or Bird of Paradise.

  24 Morning Glory in Mom's garden.

  26 Hadeda (Ibis) roaming freely in neighborhoods around Cape Town.

  28 Blacksmith Lapwing.

  30 Spotted Thick-knee (or Cape Dikkop).

  32 Female Pin-tailed Whydah.

  34 Bird feeder at the folks' place.

  36 Male Mossie (Sparrow).

  38 Male Masked Weaver.


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