Cape Town Photos (July 2018)

  1 Views from the plane over Namibia.

  3 Red ground makes me think it's Namibia.

  5 Small farms from above.

  7 Quite the mountain!

  9 We must have started our descent by this time!

  11 Closer to Cape Town at this stage.

  13 This looked like a quarry to me.

  15 Passengers awaiting touchdown in Cape Town.

  2 I loved this view of the river from 36,000 feet.

  4 Amazing vista of mountains.

  6 They had some snow in the mountains just before I arrived.

  8 Seeing a mountain range so clearly was impressive.

  10 Farmland between mountains.

  12 Quite dramatic.

  14 A few minutes before touchdown at Cape Town International Airport.

  16 Cape Town International Airport with the beautiful Hottentot Holland Mountains in the distance.


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