Cape Town Photos (July 2018)

  1 Beautiful flower bowl in a London walkway.

  3 My creamy beef lunch.

  5 Fascinating Fortnum and Mason window display.

  7 A gold angel in one of the galleries in the Royal Academy of Arts.

  9 My favorite exhibit of the show.

  11 The Albert Memorial opposite the Royal Albert Hall.

  13 Ornate gates of the V&A Museum.

  15 An opulent flower display at the V&A Museum.

  17 Monet!

  19 Van Gogh!

  21 Monet!

  23 Admiral Nelson atop Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square.

  25 One of the lions in Trafalgar Square.

  27 Loved this building down Charing Cross Road.

  29 Part of an elaborate street lamp on Charing Cross Road.

  31 The ever-changing London skyline.

  2 Flags for the show at the Royal Academy of Art.

  4 A stall in St. James's Church Square on Piccadilly.

  6 Lamp outside Fortnum and Mason on Piccadilly.

  8 A really fun gallery at the Academy.

  10 Our tea after the show but the top two cakes went back.

  12 Details of the fence around the Albert Memorial.

  14 One of the lovely ceilings at the V&A Museum.

  16 One section of the sculptures.

  18 Degas!

  20 Monet!

  22 One of many mews in and around London.

  24 Can't make up my mind about this creation in Trafalgar Square.

  26 Used these a lot.

  28 A must if you have time.

  30 Also spotted this little cutie along Charing Cross Road.


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