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The World (Flying High)
by Enrico Lavagno
White Star Publishers
ISBN 88-544-0077-7
Published September 2005 - Hardcover - 640 pages - $24.95

This is another book of aerial photographs, this time from around the world and it's every bit as intriguing and mindblowing as the one on America.  Introductory text followed by sublime aerial photos of some of the most incredible places on earth, most of which we'll never get to see, at least from this perspective.  These books will have you picking them up more often than many other books, and rightly so, as they deserve attention and admiration.  See these few pages for a sampling of what this book has to offer: pages 78, 126, 181, 396/7, and 565.  See my reviews on Mountains and America, also from White Star Publishers.
Conclusion - I would be poorer had I not seen these books.


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