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It's a Long Story - My Life by Willie Nelson and David Ritz Books in Review
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It's a Long Story - My Life
by Willie Nelson and David Ritz
Back Bay Books
ISBN 978-0316403542
Published May 2016 - Hardcover - 416 pages - $18.99

Willie Nelson has some story to tell, and man, what a life he's led.  All the wives, all the children, all the friends, all the music, and all the hits.  His life is an interesting one and spans decades in the ever-evolving music industry, resulting in him seeing (and doing) it all.  He's worked with so many famous artists that your head will spin.  Hits and misses, up and downs, travels, drugs, his work ethic, the women, his love of family growing up, his movies, and so much more, will keep you turning page after page.  Mr. Nelson's life was not a bed or roses (whose is?) and he's had to work his tail off and apply his talents to achieve the success he has.  Written in typical Willie Nelson fashion, calling a spade a spade, and die-hard fans wouldn't have it any other way!
Conclusion - A very worthwhile read!

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