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The Deluxe Wedding Planner & Organizer by Genevieve Morgan, Ariella Chezar and Meg Smith Books in Review
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The Deluxe Wedding Planner & Organizer - Everything You Need to Create the Wedding of Your Dreams
by Genevieve Morgan, Ariella Chezar and Meg Smith
Chronicle Books
ISBN 978-0-8118-6240-0
Published March 2008 - File/3-Ring Binder - 256 pages - $29.95

What an exquisite wedding planner and organizer!  So beautifully presented in a large three-ring binder with twelve dividers for sections such as Getting Organized, Printed Goods, Gifts and Registry, Flowers, Honeymoon, and everything in between.  You'll be taken step by step through the planning procedures to your final destination, your wedding.  This organizer covers more than I've seen in other planners in that they let you know who should (traditionally, that is) pay for what, give a detailed list of budget costs to consider, offer plenty of space for notes and ideas, list birthstones, describe the duties of the attendants, explain invitation workings, typical wedding gifts, and so much more.  This planner also involves the groom (if he so chooses) here and there which is thoughtful.  It seems as though the tasks and chores are endless (they don't have to be) and planning a wedding may appear daunting.  Keep it simple wherever possible so as to eliminate unnecessary stress.  There are no right or wrongs, just remember to always be polite, gracious, and helpful.  This lovely organizer and planner will help keep your plans on track, especially if you don't have all day every day to spend on your wedding preparations.  I adore the photo on page 41 — just beautiful.
Conclusion - A beautiful way to make your wedding happen.  This book would make a really useful gift to any bride-to-be.

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