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Watercolour Landscapes - Step-by-Step
by multiple contributors
Search Press
ISBN 978-1-782210849
Published April 2014 - Softcover - 160 pages - $19.95

Landscape painting always sounds so romantic to me.  I imagine a lone artist on a hill with an easel and a view.  It's not that simple and why I don't personally do landscapes but rather interpretations.  This beautiful watercolor landscapes book has plenty of wonderfully inspirational ideas artists can make their own.  The very helpful step-by-step guides are important in helping a novice painter "see" what established and experienced artists see, and do.  Contributors to this book are Geoff Kersey, Wendy Jelbert, Arnold Lowrey, Barry Herriman, Ray Campbell Smith and Joe Francis Dowden.  The first 49 pages contain very useful information and includes Perspective (fantastically helpful) and sketching, and then there are examples from each of the above-named artists.  I enjoyed the Trees section, and almost all of the paintings in this book have water in them, which is difficult to paint, yet they make it look so simple.  There are also buildings and a few landscapes featured.  Composition and Planning a Painting are areas where artists sometimes fall short.  I don't do either, I just paint (I'm not a natural artist) but these ideas will help you (and me) get better.  I also enjoyed the Techniques section as using kitchen paper, sponges, and/or scraping can alter the appearance of your work.  Other handy information comes in Paints, Palettes, Brushes, Paper, Easels, Sketchbooks, and Other Equipment, all of which takes away a lot of guesswork.  I would love to spend a week at a class or two to learn firsthand where I'm going wrong, and to learn some techniques!
Conclusion - An enjoyable selection of paintings and techniques to try out, and a beautifully illustrated book.  Such talent!

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