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Vintage L.A. - Eats, Boutiques, Decor, Landmarks, Markets & More by Jennifer Brandt Taylor Books in Review
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Vintage L.A. - Eats, Boutiques, Decor, Landmarks, Markets & More
by Jennifer Brandt Taylor
ISBN 978-0-06-112278-1
Published July 2008 - Softcover - 232 pages - $34.95

There's so much more to this enormous city than one realizes.  "Los Angeles is a collage" and "It's a town of buried treasure," it says in the Introduction of this book.  The city does have history; traditional history, cultural (some may beg to differ on this one), architectural, and more.  And so much of this city's history has been pushed aside or dumped in favor of more modern happenings.  An example: many famous eateries and clubs have been torn down.  So, many people just dump their "old" belongings which are then picked up by the likes of vintage fanatic and author Jennifer Brandt Taylor.  Her love of anything vintage resulted in this book about her hometown.  She covers all four corners (from Anaheim to Venice) and top to bottom.  The book looks a bit like a vintage book (the whole point I guess) with its art deco-ish layout.  There are old and new photos, only many of the "new" ones have been doctored (surely) to resemble old pictures.  Wherever possible, addresses, telephone numbers, and/or web addresses have been supplied with each nugget of vintage importance - very easy to make notes for your next trip.  There's something for everyone, whether it's eating establishments you're interested in, or buildings, clothing, theaters, hotels, markets, fashion, jewelry, antiques, books, art galleries, boutiques, and so much more.  Do be sure to read the "Inside Scoops" before you leave, for added information.  I did find it rather sad when so often in the book, reference to things from the 80s was considered "vintage."  I've added so many more things to see and do in L.A. to my list.
Conclusion - A wonderful source of information on anything L.A.

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