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The Truth Book - Escaping a Childhood of Abuse Among Jehovah's Witnesses
by Joy Castro
Arcade Publishing
ISBN 1-55970-787-9
Published September 2005 - Hardcover - 230 pages - $25.00

Some books you can just start reading and you're immediately drawn in.  This book isn't one of them.  It took me three tries to get into the book - it wasn't easy.  Initially I found Ms. Castro to use far too many words which dragged out her sentences.  Example: "Inside, low ceilings slant, burnt orange, over divans thick with embroidery.  The white hearth curves smooth as an egg from its white wall.  You sink to the tiled floors of courtyards rioting with bouganvillea - hot pink, purple, mango - the fountains, pools, the spiked or tumbling green plants like oases in a hot, bright clime.  Lush, wet, cool, hushed."  After a while I found myself jumping ahead to avoid the congestion which was a distraction and almost convinced me to pick up another book instead.  However, perseverance pays off as you discover the young Joy's family living in England for four years, their travels to the Continent and Egypt, and some of the good times (her father worked for an airline company).  We also learn about her mother's short fuse and verbally abusive (smacking, too) treatment towards her and her younger brother.  She tells of her relationship with her father and of his suicide.  This of course, not only happens in families of religion, but, I feel, is hypocritical of how you should be in life.  Most religions teach a peaceful and loving way to live - there are too many "religious" people who use this as a means for many indiscretions - because they are religious and "do the right thing", they'll be spared in the end.  It's ridiculous - if you are a bad person you are a bad person, period.  Irrespective of your religion!  There is no excuse for molesting a child (her stepfather did) and, I ask, how does your God justify beating up your wife and her children?  Does your God permit molestation?  This is directed to anyone of any religion who hides behind their "faith" - I don't buy it.
Conclusion - A little disjointed as her story jumps forwards and backwards in time.  Unbelievable how cruel some parents can be - their brutal words and actions last a lifetime.

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