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True Vision - Authentic Journaling
by L.K. Ludwig
ISBN 978-1-59263-428-5
Published 2011 - Softcover - 144 pages - $24.99

Art journaling has spiralled out of control, in a great way, to include any number of ways to put together or work in an art journal!  Practically any direction you opt to take can be considered "art journaling".  So, what are you waiting for?  This book features the artwork of many artists whose work is shared here to hopefully inspire your creative muses.  It's not easy starting a journal, believe me, I know, and you'll find plenty of ways to get yourself going.  For me, it's often as simple as sticking a strip of scrap paper onto a page.  There are numerous examples of journal pages, from the very busy to the not-so-busy, loads of quotes and prompts to help you take that first step, or, unlock a "can't start" phase you might be going through.  Many of the art journal pages featured are not to my minimalist nature, but I am very willing to try and clutter up my pages.  I'll keep reading books like these to help me get over whatever is holding me back from creating similar journal pages.  Pages that do appeal to me are pages 8 (I think I could manage something like this), 15, 28, 54/55 (lower photo), 64, 106 and 131.  Pages that I found intimidating are pages 10, 16, 77 and 118/119.
There are so many ideas in this book to help you collect stuff to use, as well as personal aspects from which to draw inspiration.

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