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The Travel Book - A Journey Through Every Country in the World form Lonely Planet Books in Review
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The Travel Book - A Journey Through Every Country in the World
from Lonely Planet
ISBN 978-1-74179-211-9
Published October 2010 - Hardcover (large) - 448 pages - $50.00

Plan on having a car when you shop for this book, or have it delivered.  It weighs a ton!  This book has got to be on every serious traveller's wish list.  It's a must-see book, filled with exquisite photos, wonderful travel destinations (every country in the world—it doesn't get more inclusive than that!), and interesting and pertinent info that you'll absorb and incorporate in your own travels.  The book covers the 192 member states (countries) of the United Nations, as well as another 37 dependencies, self-governing or not.  Imagine writing about so many countries, or even travelling to them all.  In this book you'll read about things to see and do, local food and drink, the people, events, etc., as well as enjoy the illustrative photos.  Starting with Afghanistan, you visit the likes of the new countries that were once part of Russia, many unheard of islands, places like Brunei, Marshall Islands, Ethiopia, and more.  Each country has a page of photos and a page of info, like Best Time to Visit, Top Things to See, Top Things to Do, Getting Under the Skin which includes Read, Listen, Watch, Eat, Drink, In a Word (a greeting or catchphrase), population, area and the official language.  I've been to 15 countries so far and these are now on my bucket list because of this book: Bermuda, Croatia, Falkland Islands, Kiribati, Montenegro, and a few more.  Places I have no desire to see include Antarctica (because I'm a wimp) and Greenland (because I'm a wimp).
Conclusion - The most comprehensive coffee table travel book ever!  Fascinating and enticing for anyone interested in the world and/or travel.

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