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I Am The New Black by Tracy Morgan Books in Review
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I Am The New Black
by Tracy Morgan
Spiegel & Grau
ISBN 978-0-385-52777-4
Published October 2009 - Hardcover - 100 pages - $25.00

Tracy Morgan's advice to young men (and I know this applies to all young men) on page 16 is wonderful.  Take responsibility.  Now, we know Mr. Morgan as a really funny man (30 Rock), but there's a serious and very interesting side to this man as well.  His life hasn't been a bed of roses (it never is) and his story is one of many, many others in the same boat, only he had foresight and humor on his side.  I admire Mr. Morgan for telling his story as it's not easy to read and visualize.  It gives hope to those of us in similar situations knowing you can get out and that you can overcome many obstacles in your life.  It really is a case of "if he can, so can I" if we believe in ourselves and try.  Tracy Morgan's story begins in the Bronx and his father being sent to Vietnam (what a waste of everyone's time and money not to mention wasted lives, on both sides) and the breakup of his family.  He lovingly recalls time spent with his father (vital in every boy's life) and learning from him.  His childhood and sex will probably be rather shocking to many, but as he says, "I'm desensitized but I'm not insensitive."  Big difference.  Morgan's touching memories of his parents is moving and it's inspiring to see how much he learned from both of them, despite his hardheadedness.  He talks about his life in sports at high school, girls, drugs, comedy, his family, his marriage at a young age, becoming a father, listening to a woman's point of view, and of course, his extensive and interesting career.  His philosophy on life is very appealing and I hope people see that and not judge him by what they see and hear.  I loved this line of Tracy's: "If you follow the herd, you're bound to step in shit".
Conclusion - Raw. Crude. Open. Honest.

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