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A Personal Stand - Observations and Opinions from a Freethinking Roughneck
by Trace Adkins
ISBN 0-345-49933-2
Published November 2007 - Hardcover - 246 pages - $23.95

I'm not big on Country music, and I have to admit I didn't know Trace Adkins before I encountered him on Celebrity Apprentice where I really took notice of this quiet man.  He comes across as a no-nonsense person, which I admire.  I also admire a sense of humor, and Mr. Adkins certainly has one.  This book is a look at his world, his thoughts and feelings, and in many instances, his solutions.  For example he talks about 9/11, unions, oil, energy, music and the influences on his career, his incredible multiple near-death experiences, illegal immigration, and a whole lot more.  Though polite, I don't doubt this man could let you have it if and when necessary.  He is candid about his beliefs and disbeliefs in this country's future (and its history), and his arguments are realistic and level-headed, and of course, won't gel with everyone - nothing ever does.  I whole-heartedly appreciated reading Adkins' comments on being an alcoholic: "Having the disease of alcoholism is not like somebody holding a gun to your head and ordering you to drink.  You have choices and the chance to wipe the slate clean."  This is what I keep saying, even in my own book on common sense!  He also writes about his childhood, his career, and his family.  I don't think however, Mr. Adkins would appreciate my points of view on American football vs soccer or on NASCAR!  We'd most certainly have a heated debate.  Oh, I'm ecstatic that the word "lying" was correctly used instead of "laying."  Yay.  I'm rooting for Trace to win The Apprentice - isn't the whole world rejoicing "she's" finally been fired?
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Conclusion - A very interesting and entertaining read.  Very worthwhile.

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