Texture Effects for Rubber Stamping by Nancy Curry Books in Review
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Texture Effects for Rubber Stamping
by Nancy Curry
North Light Books
ISBN 978-1-58180-558-6
Published 2004 - Softcover - 128 pages - $22.99

"Restoring the creative spirit" is what I aspire to, and it was good to know Nancy Curry enjoys "play" as a means to restoring her creative spirit.  We all have so many rubber stamps (be honest) so it was with a grateful heart that I found this book.  This book is not just about stamping on textured paper, it's so much more, like using regular paper, ink pads and stamps, resist options, focal embellishments, cards, tags, folding, embossing, and the mixed media aspect is incredible.
Each project is beautifully illustrated with step-by-step pictures so you can hardly go wrong.  Ideas I particularly love and will try are on pages 26/27, pg 58, pg 82, pg 90 and pg 120.
This book is not a new one so there are many more exciting colors and materials to use that aren't here.  And the long list of Materials or Tools you may need, although extensive, means you probably already have most of them in one form or another.  Use what you have before splashing out.
Visit Nancy Curry's website.

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